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Cherishing and Breeding Maine coon kittens for sale a long time!

Everything began in 1998, we had two little youngsters and reared Maine coon kittens for sale have also quite for a long while. Between soccer, tumbling, room mother for them two, and filling in as a pediatric ICU nurture, we needed to quit any pretense of rearing. Excellent Breeding requires responsibility, monetary dependability, full focus, and for the most part love for the breed! On the off chance that I was unable to breed well, I didn’t think it was reasonable for proceed. I keep on rehearsing as a Pediatric ICU nurture which benefits our kittens in light of my expand information and love of “easily overlooked details”. I comprehend sickness forms, life sparing measures, and just helping infant kittens endure the primary long stretches of life securely. Obviously, we’ve possessed many, numerous Maine Coons throughout the years as pets, and I do see myself as fairly a specialist in the field of Maine coon kittens for sale on account of my clinical foundation and long stretches of hands on perception and research of my preferred type of feline.

In this way, supernatural occurrences never stop, and our young ladies moved on from school, landed astounding positions, and afterward, we became “void nesters”(for a couple Be that as it may, I needed to seek after my calling, and my brilliant spouse, Rick, concurred! We started moving in the direction of our fantasy about rearing the felines we love, MAINE COONS!


Over the most recent 2 years, we have hand-picked, bought, imported, and raised our new and just rearing guardians. The entirety of our felines have originated from the best raisers in Europe as prove by their prestigious acknowledgment around the world. Make the most of our new site and our photographs! We will post cat pictures around 3 a month old enough when we have kittens accessible. In this way, continue seeking out us for new Maine Coon Kitten pictures!


We have some expertise in beautiful Maine Coon kittens from flawless, wellbeing tried guardians and give an agreement and wellbeing ensure just as CFA enlistment papers. We are little reproducers and our kittens are a piece of our family. We effectively appear in CFA and TICA and our kittens’ characters mirror their folks awesome show demeanors.

We will probably breed outstandingly sound, very much mingled Maine Coon felines available to be purchased with a balanced personality for you and your family to altogether appreciate for a long time.

We routinely screen our grown-ups for HCM by board guaranteed veterinary cardiologists and they are DNA clear for HCM by parentage. We’ve long periods of experience and have delivered various local and national winning Maine Coons kittens available to be purchased. Our delightful, perky and adoring kittens can leave at 11 weeks. Join the many fulfilled individuals who possess and love our kittens as we are basically the best. Save your little cat today with a store.

We are propelled by the adoration for this breed and wish to help save them by raising sound, cherishing, individuals arranged Maine Coon felines for re-homing.

Our Maine Coon felines and kittens are full blooded thoroughbred from enlisted bloodlines. They are adored and all around thought about, solid and forward-thinking on antibodies. Every single grown-up feline have tried negative for FeLV and FIV (Feline Leukemia Virus and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), hence all kittens brought into the world here are likewise negative for those illnesses. They are taken care of value nourishment, which you will get tests of, just as coupons and booklets in their “kitty care bundle”.


Pictures are refreshed week after week so you can watch them develop. We ensure our Maine Coon kittens to be sound and parasite free.

We invite messages and love to get photographs, and are sure beyond a shadow of a doubt you will adore the new energetic, solid, agreeable, cherishing, and engaging “talker” buddy expansion to your family.

“Accessible” little cat searching for new home! You can purchase a Maine Coon little cat

“Alternative” somebody is keen on, yet store isn’t send and little cat is as yet accessible

“Saved” reservation store or full sum is paid for cat

“Sold” cat found a caring home

“Stay whith us” we chose (can be not precisely!) to keep cat at our cattery

Offer of Maine Coon kittens

Solicitation the cat

The acquisition of a Maine Coon cat

kittens of exceptional excellence


It doesn’t make a difference for what reason you have come to «DreamCoon» – the Maine Coon Cattery: regardless of whether the kittens are required for reproducing or you’re searching for a pet, or perhaps you need to purchase a Maine Coon, who might begin a fruitful profession at the presentations! The most significant thing is the way that you like these delicate mammoth felines. What’s more, we will assist you with finding an effortless, savvy pet – as at our cattery there is the offer of Maine Coon kittens from the best producers!

That is the reason Maine Coon kittens the offer of which puts the obligation on us, have all the essential aptitudes to remain in the loft with new proprietors:

– Well-reared Maine Coon kittens (from the DreamCoon cattery) are adjusted for living with individuals, acquainted with the scratching pouf – your dividers, furniture and corners won’t endure!

– The offer of Maine Coon kittens is went with the deal contract – as it’s a first class and costly pet in each sense!

maine coon kittens for sale near me are from the cattery DreamCoon have all the fundamental things, from the complex mandatory inoculations and completion with the applicable archives:

· Shot records, which has the signs of the inoculations;

· Pedigree (if the little cat is bought for reproducing) or metric;

· Veterinary endorsements by authorized veterenarian for transportation (are paid by the purchaser);

· If it is vital – the negative test results for the fundamental infections (are paid by the purchaser).

In the event that you make the prepayment of 20% of the little cat’s value, you can book a Maine coon kittens for sale near me. The offer of this little cat will be suspended until the lapse of the booking time. On the off chance that the term of the booking has passed, yet your arrangements have changed and you have chosen not to purchase this maine coon kittens for sale near me, the measure of the prepayment isn’t refundable.


Do you live in another state, city or significantly another nation or abroad, yet you have so much cherished kittens from our «DreamCoon» cattery? It doesn’t make a difference! You can arrange the conveyance/transportation of the picked cat at carrier or with a dispatch (we will attempt to locate the correct messenger for you). Be that as it may, the expense of the conveyance won’t be incorporated into the expense of the procured cat. Local US shipping are welcome and accessible! Here you can discover shipping office areas

Do you love our felines and Maine Coon kittens? Need to help us? Our most seasoned little girl Vera Mikirticheva making picture expressions and start closeout: Here you can get her craft drawing “Moon cheddar”

We beyond all doubt love our Maine Coon kittens and expectation that, turning into the proprietor of such a pet, you’ll love the new individual from your family considerably more!

You can get the picked Maine coon kittens available in little cat at our home in Richmond (VA, USA) or at New York JFK Airport/Washington IAD Airport



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