How to Train Kittens?

Bringing your kitten home for the first time is an experience like no other. You quickly become accustomed to being greeted by its sweet purrs, and that special way it always knows when to snuggle up to you.

What you’re not so used to are all the challenges. From toileting problems to disobeying your orders, there’s a range of problems you will encounter that are simply part and parcel with caring for an untrained kitten.

The good news is that with training, your kitten will learn how to behave in a more positive, healthy, and constructive manner.

Here are five steps you should follow if you want to effectively (and efficiently!) train your kitten:

  1. Socialize Your Kitten From the Get-Go
  2. Train Your Kitten to Follow Your Commands
  3. Teach Your Kitten to Use the Litter Box
  4. Give Your Cat Toys To Progress Their Development
  5. Encourage Good Behavior with Positive Reinforcement

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