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Birman Kittens and Cats

In case you’re searching for a Birman, can assist you with discovering one close to you. Utilize the inquiry apparatus underneath and peruse adoptable Birmans!

Birman Kittens For Sale and Cats For Adoption

Birman felines are decently dynamic. They appreciate to cuddle as much as the following feline and appreciate messing around too. They are not excessively dynamic or requesting yet they surely love to be with their families and friends and family. Become familiar with this breed


The Birman is otherwise called the Sacred Cat of Birma. They are a statuesque, superb feline with an excellent, streaming, smooth coat and a similarly lovely and accommodating demeanor to coordinate it. For those searching for a feline that adjusts effectively to conditions and is perfect for families with kids and different pets, the Birman can be an ideal decision.


The Birman is a medium-enormous breed, gauging 6 – 12 lbs. They are a sharp feline, which implies that they have a light base coat that obscures at the focuses (legs, tail, face, ears). Something that isolates them from other medium to longhaired, pointed breeds is their gloves and bands. All Birmans have four white feet (the gloves). On the back legs, the white stretches out up the hawk, finishing in a V shape (the bands). In a perfect world, the white on the feet is equitably conveyed and finishes in slick lines simply past the toes however the genuinely significant thing is that the white feet and bands up the sells be available.

The head is adjusted however marginally longer than wide with a prominent roman nose. The ears are roughly as wide at the base as they are tall and of medium size in general. The eyes are a dark blue. The Birman has a generous body with medium to overwhelming bone. They are sturdily assembled creatures with great musculature.

The coat will in general pull in much consideration with its velvety, streaming delicateness. It is a solitary coat with no undercoat. Accordingly, it will in general untruth moderately level and isn’t inclined to tangling or tangling. Shedding is moderate and a week by week brushing will lessen it considerably. This is a breed that sheds all the more vigorously on an occasional premise. During that time, you may need to brush all the more much of the time to stay aware of the hair.

Most Birmans are very tame and appreciate any kind of collaboration with you. Finished with care, brushing and brushing can be a tranquil movement appreciated by both feline and proprietor.


The historical backdrop of the Birman is covered in secret. As the name suggests, an eastern legacy is suspected. There are various legends about how the felines became. The most well-known one includes a white feline with brilliant eyes that inhabited the sanctuary of a brilliant cleaned, blue looked at goddess in Birma. One day the sanctuary was attacked and the clerics were killed. A feline, named Sinha, remained with his perishing expert with his paws on the cleric’s body. As a prize for his steadfastness to the cleric, the goddess turned the white feline brilliant in shading with darker focuses and changed his eyes from gold to blue like her own. The feline’s feet remained white as an image of the immaculateness of his adoration for his lord.

The genuine starting points of the breed are obscure albeit many presume that there is Siamese and Persian predecessors behind the Birman. They were first found in France right off the bat in the nineteenth century and went to the United States in the mid to late 1950s. Today, they are one of the most well known types of thoroughbred feline and have remained reliably in the main ten in ubiquity for a long time now.

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The Birman is a genuinely sound breed with no specific medical problems related with it. They by and large live at least 15 years. A few raisers refer to somewhat littler than ordinary kidneys in spite of the fact that this doesn’t generally prompt renal issues and many live to mature age with no difficult issues coming about because of having surprisingly little kidneys. Thus, if your veterinarian takes note of that the kidneys appear to be little, it isn’t really time to freeze. In the event that blood work uncovers poor kidney esteems as far as urea and creatinine, you may have an increasingly significant issue on your hands. And still, at the end of the day however, numerous felines oversee well on a low protein diet joined with prescription and live with the condition for a long time. Similarly as with any acquisition of a thoroughbred pet, you ought to get a composed wellbeing ensure that covers possibly hereditary issues like kidney disappointment. Inquire as to whether they have encountered issues in their lines and what they offer should your little cat build up a medical problem identified with his kidneys. A decent raiser remains behind their felines and will help you in taking care of the issue.


The Birman is a curiously tame feline. They are very substance to laze about in the sun given that they are in a similar live with you. They are loving creatures and appreciate being cherished and snuggled. Their nice character settles on them a perfect decision for a home with youngsters. They are similarly amiable to different felines or mutts sharing the home. They can be marginally predominant with the other feline, helping it to remember their status as an exceptional sanctuary feline however they are somewhat serene animals in general.

How much they are loquacious will in general rely upon the proprietor. In the event that the proprietor energizes talking and banters with them, they will carry on a discussion. In the event that the proprietor would prefer to share some quietness, they are similarly amiable to that. Their voice will in general be twittering instead of yowling.

Albeit calm, they are not moronic and appreciate playing with puzzle toys. They can be instructed stunts utilizing clicker preparing and are more than ready to take an interest in casual get-togethers and spruce up meetings with the children. They are fun loving regardless of starting appearances.

The Birman bonds intimately with his family and will remain in the live with them, getting up and tailing them on the off chance that they move to another room. They can be to some degree underneath in their mission to be close by on the off chance that you should want to stroke their jacket in cherishing love. They are anxious to welcome guests and will meet them at the entryway. What they despise is as a rule took off alone for expanded timeframes. Thus, they are most appropriate to homes where somebody is as often as possible home or they share the home with different pets they can play with in your nonattendance.

Between their dazzling appearance and serene personality, the Birman is an astounding decision for a family pet. They will rapidly bond with all individuals from the family, youthful and old, two or four footed. Simply make sure to give them a brushing once per week to hold the coat shedding in line.

Birman Temperament & Personality

How Vocal/Talkative are Birman Cats?

How Affectionate/Friendly are Birman Cats?

Birmans are quite affectionate with their owners, and very fond of a good snuggle.

Are Birman Cats Good with Other Cats?

Birmans are quite sociable and get along easily with other cats.

Are Birman Cats Good with Dogs?

Birmans are known for being quite tolerant of the canine persuasion!

Are Birman Cats Good Mousers/Hunters?

Birman cats are very proficient hunters, though also well-suited to indoor life.

Are Birman Cats Good Indoor Cats?


Are Birman Cats Good Lap Cats?

Birmans love to adore and be adored, and that means curling up in a nice, warm lap.

What Do Birman Cats Like to Do?

Birmans are go-along-to-get-along cats — mellow, sweet-tempered, and affectionate, this cat is usually unafraid of strangers, dogs, or cuddles.

How Big of a Difference is There Between a Male and Female Birman?

Males are larger than females.

Birman Diet, Grooming & Health

What do Birman Cats Eat?

Ask your veterinarian what type of diet would best suit your Birman.

Do Birman Cats Eat Wet Food?


Do Birman Cats Like Milk?

Milk is not recommended for cats.

How Much Do Birman Cats Shed?

Despite its fluffiness, the Birman is a light to moderate shedder.

What Type of Coat Do Birman Cats Have?

The Birman’s coat is silky and medium-long with no undercoat.

Do You Need to Groom a Birman Cat?

Grooming a Birman is pretty low-maintenance, once-weekly brushing sessions should keep the coat looking healthy. In addition to brushing, all cats should have their claws trimmed every two weeks or so. Cats are also prone to peridontal disease and should have their teeth brushed two to three times a week.

Are Birman Cats Hypoallergenic?


Do Birmans Have a Lot of Health Problems?

Birmans are quite healthy cats.

What Diseases are Birmans Prone To?
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM): HCM is an abnormal thickening of the left ventricle of the heart that leads to improper blood flow. It is the most common cause of heart disease in cats and can result in sudden death. HCM is the only known breed specific condition seen in Birman cats.

Purchasing vs Adopting a Birman

How Much Does a Birman Cost?

It costs around $75-$150 to adopt a Birman. Conversely, it can be prohibitively expensive to buy a Birman from a breeder, somewhere in the $700-$1,000 range.

Where Can I Adopt a Birman
The easiest way to adopt a Birman would be through a rescue that specializes in Birmans. A great place to start would be by starting a breed search on The search will show you all the available Birmans in your area.

Birman Shelters and Rescues

There are often many great Birmans for adoption at local animal shelter


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