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Abyssinian Information

Abyssinian Basics

Where Are Abyssinian Cats From?

The Abyssinian’s exact origins are shrouded in mystery — some believe they came from Abyssinia (Ethiopia), and others believe Southeast Asia. In 1868, at the end of the Abyssinian War, a cat was transported from Abyssinia to England, and this cat was used to develop the breed in Britain.

How Many Types of Abyssinian Pedigrees Are There?

There is just one type of Abyssinian.

Are Abyssinian Cats Polydactyl?

This breed is not known for being polydactyl though the mutation can spontaneously occur in any cat breed.

Abyssinian Lifespan

The lifespan of an Abyssinian is around 10-15 years.

5 Yrs20 Yrs

Abyssinian Appearance

How Big Does an Abyssinian Get?

8-10 inches

How Much Does an Abyssinian Weigh?

7-16 lbs

When Does an Abyssinian Stop Growing?

18 months

What Color Coat Does an Abyssinian Have?

A genetic variant of the “tabby” pattern, Abyssinians are renowned for their unique “ticked” coat, caused by each hair with a light color at the base and 3-4 additional bands of color towards the top.

What Eye Colors Can an Abyssinian Have?

Abyssinians have green or gold eyes.

Abyssinian Temperament & Personality

How Vocal/Talkative are Abyssinian Cats?

Abyssinians are a fairly quiet breed.

QuietExtremely Vocal

How Affectionate/Friendly are Abyssinian Cats?

Abyssinians are quite friendly and affectionate, but not to an extreme. They’ve got too much to do to sit around and hug and kiss all day.

Independent SpiritSuper Affectionate

Are Abyssinian Cats Good with Other Cats?

Abyssinians are great with other cats, and quite often need the company otherwise they can get into some mischievous behavior.

Prefers to be the Only CatLet’s Be Friends!

Are Abyssinian Cats Good with Dogs?

Abyssinians are known to be quite friendly and playful towards dogs.

Hiss HissHey, New Pal!

Are Abyssinian Cats Good Mousers/Hunters?

Abyssinians have the energy and stamina to be a great mouser.

Could Care LessHunting Expert

Are Abyssinian Cats Good Indoor Cats?


Let Me Outside!Purrfectly Happy Inside

Are Abyssinian Cats Good Lap Cats?

Abyssinians are affectionate and love to be petted and curled up next to you, but they don’t necessarily love to lie in your lap – they’re usually far too spirited for that.

Likes a Bit of DistanceLap Cat All the Way

What Do Abyssinian Cats Like to Do?

Abyssinians positively love to play. They are extremely energetic, whip-fast, agile, athletic creatures who love to climb high and chase fast. They are also particularly fond of eating.

How Big of a Difference is There Between a Male and Female Abyssinian?

Male Abyssinians tend to be larger than females.

Abyssinian Diet, Grooming & Health

What do Abyssinian Cats Eat?

Ask your veterinarian the best diet for your Abyssinian.

Do Abyssinian Cats Eat Wet Food?


Do Abyssinian Cats Like Milk?

Milk is not recommended for cats.

How Much Do Abyssinian Cats Shed?

Abyssinians are light shedders.

What Type of Coat Do Abyssinian Cats Have?

Abyssinians have short, fine, dense, silky coats.

Do You Need to Groom an Abyssinian Cat?

A weekly brushing works well for the Abyssinian. In addition to brushing, all cats should have their claws trimmed every two weeks or so. Cats are also prone to peridontal disease and should have their teeth brushed two to three times a week.

Are Abyssinian Cats Hypoallergenic?


Do Abyssinians Have a Lot of Health Problems?

Abyssinians are overall quite a healthy breed, with an enzyme deficiency being the main concern.

Prone to IssuesGenerally Healthy

What Diseases are Abyssinians Prone To?

  • Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency: This condition is characterized by a deficiency in the enzyme Pyruvate Kinase (PK), which impairs the red blood cell’s ability to metabolize properly and leads to anemia.
  • Others: Abyssinians are prone to gingivitis and other dental issues.

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